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veterans day. it's tough to find any major road work or traffic problems out there. this is a superquiet golden gate bridge. we'll check the morning commute and slow spots out there in a few minutes. new this morning, two young men are lucky to have escaped a crash with only minor injuries. their dog crashed through a guardrail and landed upside down partially collapsing the passenger compartment. the 20-year-old driver and his passenger were able to get out on their own. a major step in the building of the bay bridge is almost complete. >> the new span is about to become self-supporting. >> reporter: that would be the
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east span of the bridge, right behind me. any day now, workers can breathe a sigh of relief. we are talking about 45,000-tons of steel and cable. this was done in several steps. it's a self-centered anchor span, the largestover its kind in this world. >> there's been a notice not to go under the self-anchored bring because a number of operations are taking place. we are strengthening that message rite now. individual pleasure craft
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shouldn't go under this bridge during this time. >> reporter: reps say there was concern throughout the process, not so much that parts of bridge would fall in but they were afraid it wouldn't happen as equally as thought. thank you very much. the president is marking veterans day at arlington national cemetery yesterday. the president, vice president and their wives took part in fact ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. this is the first veterans day in a decade there are no americans fighting in iraq.
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>> our heroes are coming home. over the next few years, more than a million members will transition back to civilian life to take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >> the president promised veterans the country will be there for them as they transition back to civilian life. in san jose, the 94th annual veterans day parade was considered one of the biggest in northern california. and a mono. years in the making was dedicated. veterans raised $200,000 to build it and are now collecting donations to maintain it.
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in san francisco people lined the streets for the veterans day salute, a march down market street. this year also honored more than 40 bay area veterans. >> and because november 11th was yesterday, veterans day is observed by most today. >> city, county, state and federal government offices are closed today and there's no mail delivery. banks and schools are closed as well and transit systems will be running on are regular schedule. david petraeus resigned last week and lawmakers are shocked by the news. the head of senate intelligence committee says the fbi didn't tell the committee it was investigating david petraeus and his affair with his biographer. several members of the house
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and senate say they are confident he'll be called to testify act the benghazi attack. one guy not taking the day off? >> did you turn the heater up? >> i blasted it. >> chilly out there. it's a cold start to the day. you have partly cloudy skies outside, temperatures now in the 30s and 40s, 45 fairfield, 38 concord and 37 in napa. 40s approaching the coastline but see a lot of high colloids over the top of the ridge. could see a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise, clouds on and off today and temperatures staying down. it will be on the cooler side, numbers near 470 usually but
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not today. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. both directions are moving fine right now. 101 looking good, downtown san jose super quiet. and this is close to the oakland coliseum. as you make your way past 66 towards downtown, it's continuing to look good. no brake lights toward highway 92. this is a look at westbound
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580. so far it's clear in this direction from the altamont pass out toward the dublin interchange. bart trains are on time. back to you. 4:37. now oakland homeowners concerned about foreclosure can get questions answered today. the city's free housing and foreclosure clinic is set to begin at 10:00 this morning through 5:00 this afternoon at the oakland marriott convention center. representatives from every banks will be there to offer adviceover loan modifications and other options. in a strike against israelis, negotiations have started up once again. >> people are hoping for a resolution soon. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the knob hill
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foods in redwood shores, one of more than 100 stores affected by this strike. both sides are back at the table but no agreement just yet. they are trying to nail down a deal before the holiday shopping season. representatives and union employees have been on strike since last sunday because of wages and benefits. some say the union stores have a hard time keeping up with their nonunion competitors. they are calling for a wage freeze and the elimination of sunday and holiday pay. both sides are not guilty talking about what's been happening and also though talks resumed, picket lines continue. >> for sure welcome news they are talking right now. it's still scary. we hope it will get resolved
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soon. >> reporter: safeway stores reached a tentative agreement last week. redwood stores remain on strike. a strike against the maker of twinkies and ho-hoes yesterday after a picket line formed outside the bakery in sacramento, part of a larger strike gent the financially troubled company. in september the offer included pay cuts and health insurance costs. it could force to company to liquidate. their service is recorded in history. >> but to do we share it with the world. two veterans will tell us details that made their military service memorable. and his hobby paid off when he found thousands in cash in the dumpster.
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this weekend.. the balloonse blown up for a test-run in w jersey.. it gives handlers a feel for what it will be lit to guide the this weekend the macy's thanksgiving day balloons were blown up for a test drive in new jersey. it gives handlers an idea of what it will be like and give us a sneak peek to new additions, hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on the shelf. the parade will be november 22nd. for the first time in more than a quarter century, there will be ice skating in marin county this winter. marin on ice will be open every
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day through january 13th. the last indoor rink in the county closed in 1985. exciting there. 4:43. wildfire season ends this morning in the south and east areas. it will end at 8:00 this morning and firefighters say cooler temperatures and rain helps fight fires t. burn ban is over but you have to check on air quality before you start burning. the world's best and bravest surfers are on standby for the surf contest that didn't happen the past couple years because
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the waves were too small. >> wait a minute. you're ice skating on wednesday night? >> yes. >> you going to do the full lift? >> actually she's flipping me. >> you may have noticed it's cool in spots this morning, overnight lows again in the 30s and 40s with partly cloudy skies. chilly stat to the morning but i think as we head toward the afternoon, it will be decent, cool at the coastline with highs in the 50s and partly cloudy skies. maybe mid-60s on the high end in the interior valley. looks like a decent day. we'll see a lot of clouds rolling through later today.
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high pressure overhead, couple systems one here and then this one here. i think we squeeze in pretty nice days ahead, mostly dry this veterans day. as we take you around the state, you'll see decent weather, 54 with maybe showers in eureka. as we look around the bay, the temperature is around 65 and only 59 in pacifica. 60s in toward the east bay and inside this afternoon, you'll find sunshine and a few clouds, 63 in oakland, about 61 in santa rosa. the ridge will start to build in again and could see in the upper valley. getting into friday, could have showers or a significant chance of rain heading toward next
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sunday and next week. that's a look at weather. so far this morning it is veterans deand we are expecting lighter traffic on the roads. if you have to commute, this is what it looks like so far, nice and light into france. all the bridges similar stories, nothing much to slow you down. definitely fewer cars on 92. moving at top speeds here. our photographer is out showing you live conditions on 101 and northbound and southbound traffic looks good between santa clara and san jose. the live look at 101, 280 and the
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guadeloupe are slowing just a bit. everything is regular service today. back to you. thank you. a special veterans day honor for an american space pioneer. >> it was aboard the uss hornet. ceremony was held to honor the late neil armstrong, who died earlier this year. the hornet played a big part in his return from the moon. they have reopened the exhibit from the apollo space program. as vets get older, no is the time to hear their stories to better appreciate their service to our country. >> we have the stories of two veterans from palo alto. >> one night there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks
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and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> reporter: 89-year-old herman shapiro remembers a night when u.s. trips were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over and people were still alive. if you didn't try your best, people were going to die. i got into a row boat and started pulling people out. it was complete horror to see people like that. >> reporter: he was scared to go into battle but believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of nazi germany were horrific. you were dead or alive basically. >> reporter: this 94-year-old
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resident was a doctor in the philippines during world war ii. >> there's an enemy there. to me either we won a war or wound up dead or slaves. >> reporter: lee land says being a physician during the war saved his life. >> if i hadn't been in a hospital or radiology, i probably would have been in the baaalon aid station, the front lines. >> reporter: even though he didn't fight battles, the war was still a hard time. he left behind his pregnant wife. >> your wife is not there, you're half living. we existed day by day until we
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could get home. >> war is hell. never know one second to the next. >> reporter: herman survived nearly two years in the war, got out, got married and has been with his wife for 60 years. dr. leeland lost his wife almost 6 years ago. >> i have that huge bang of memories. that's what i live on. >> both men look honored at that event in palo alto. we'd like to hear who you would like to thank this veterans day holiday. you can also comment on our facebook or twitter page.
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in massachusetts one man's dumpster dive paid off. he found a book stuffed with cash, somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. he's not claiming the cash because we wants to find the rightful owner. >> my point of view is, if someone who maybe saved the money to buy a house. what if that happened to many? what if it was me? i can't go to sleep without thinking about them. if nobody claims it, i can go back to every day with no problem. >> he's decided to wait six months for the owner to come forward. the owner has to identify the dollar amount, name of the bag and other items in the
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dumpster. >> who saves that much money in a book uremias? >> would you know the exact amount? probably not. time now is 4:52. is a parking ticket worth the fight? ,,,,,,
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sensation may be back on the market! justin bieber and long-time girlfriend selena gomez have reportedly split.. accordino people-dot-com it happened e than a week ago.. there were indications.. like a twittec posted by "the biebs" with e caption "just me".. no detas on *why the pair split.. they'd been together for nearly two yea. and.. a fabric of movie hisy went up for sale this weeke. the signature blue gingham dress, warn by judy garland in "the wizard of oz" was auctioned off.. it's final price? the auction house called it "unprecendented".. a price g of 480- thousand dollars! ao sold at the "hollywood idold icons" auction.. steve mcq's
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racing jacket, which sold fr 50-thousand dollars. a gold outfit worn by marilyn monre --- and christopher reeve's superman costume were also t up for bid. "...some men are comign to l us. we're going to kill him first" double-o-7 is back with a vengeance. "skyfall" explodd onto the big screen this wed at number one, banking 87-poin8 million dollars in the u-s e -- the best debut in james d hi 007 is back. skyfall made $87.8 million over the weekend in the u.s. alone, the best debut in james bond history. i do want to see that one. and hundreds of twihards are camped out this morning, 2200 fans hoping for a glimpse of
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the stars at the premier. most of these fans are expected to stay in their tents till thursday when the movie opens to the public. 4:57 now. another scandal hits washington. >> new details emerge about the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus. we have the latest coming up. and the bay bridge is just days away from a major milestone. the process took nearly three months to complete.
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petraeus's resignationâ did his affair compromise national security. and.. picket lines remain

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